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These files are "The Snippets Collection", which I found in form of a .zip file once on the Net. I then wrote a program to transform the snippets.ndx file into this .html file. Today, I cannot recall from where the .zip files do origin. Newer versions of The Snippets Collection can be found at http://www.brokersys.com/snippets/. Thanks everyone that have mailed the address.

If you want all files, at once, please click one of these: snippets.tar.bz2, 278 kB snippets.tar.gz, 343 kB snippets.tar.Z, 470 kB snippets.zip, 960 kB

Please observe freeware/copyright notice in snippets.(c)

read.me Last minute information and instructions
file_id.diz File info for BBS's
snippets.txt General information about SNIPPETS
snippets.(c) SNIPPETS freeware notice
snippets.ndx SNIPPETS index - this file
snippets.wc Count of SNIPPETS files
missing.txt Rationale of files deleted since last SNIPPETS
nonmsdos.txt List of universal SNIPPETS functions
dosfuncs.txt List of MS/PC-DOS-specific SNIPPETS functions
pdn.lst Janis Kracht List of PDN sites
make.ini Jim Nutt Master file for NDMAKE
ansiscrn.h Macros for ANSI.SYS screen control
cast.h Bob Stout Cast any object to any type
dd_struc.h Wayne Hamilton TC/TC++/BC++ DOS file time/date macros
hilobyte.h Extract high, low bytes from an int
pi.h Useful definitions using PI
portable.h Scott Ladd Write portable code for various PC compilers
round.h Dave Knapp Rounding macros
scrnmacs.h Jerry Houston Macros for direct video work
c_lines.awk Dan Kozak AWK program to count lines of C code
8087_sav.asm Jeffrey Nonken Saves/restores 80x87 environment
coldboot.asm David Nugent Reliable cold/warm boot
cpucheck.asm Determine type of CPU in use
hires.asm Switch to 43/50 line mode on EGA/VGA
ndpcheck.asm Determine presence of coprocessor
strecpy.asm L. Satenstein Like strcpy, but returns pointer to NUL
a2e.c Bob Stout ASCII <=> EBCDIC conversions
addhndls.c Doug Burger
Bob Jarvis
Allow more than 20 open files under DOS 3+
addpath.c Bob Stout Add directories to path in AUTOEXEC.BAT
amalloc.c Paul Schlyter Multi-dimensional array allocate ( <64K on PC)
ansiflen.c Bob Jarvis ANSI-compliant file size function
ansiload.c Bob Jarvis Detect ANSI.SYS
ansiself.c Thad Smith Self-replicating program in ANSI C
ansisys.c Detect ANSI.SYS
approx.c John Rex Fuzzy string search
assignpr.c Bob Stout Multiple printer support
atr2ansi.c Bob Stout Build ANSI.SYS command string, given attribute
bascnvrt.c Bob Stout Convert radix of a numeric string
bastrngs.c Bob Stout BASIC-like string functions
bitarray.c Bit array functions
bitcnt_1.c Ratko Tomic Count bits in a number (fast, clever)
bitcnt_2.c Count bits in a number (fascinating)
bitfiles.c Aare Tali Bit I/O for buffered (fopen'ed) files
bitops.c Bob Stout Small bit array macros
bitstrng.c J. Blauth Format numeric value as string of bits
bstr_i.c Bob Stout Convert binary string to int
break.c Bob Stout Control DOS "SET BREAK=" status
bresnham.c Brian Dessent Draw lines and circles
calsupp.c Ray McVay Calendar support funtions
cant.c Bob Stout An fopen() replacement with error trapping
changprn.c Bob Stout Change the standard printer device
checkexe.c Bob Jarvis Checksum protection for executable files
checksum.c Bob Stout Calculate checksum
chgext.c Bob Stout Change/add a file name extension
clock.c Jon Guthrie On-screen clock generator
combin.c Thad Smith III Compute combinations without overflow
commafmt.c Bob Stout Add thousands separators to numeric strings
compiler.c Test for popular PC compilers & versions
crc-16.c Calculated 16-bit CRC
crc-16f.c Fast 16-bit CRC
crc_32.c Gary S. Brown Table lookup 32-bit CRC
crypt.c Bob Stout S-Coder data encryption from DDJ
ctrlprnt.c Bob Stout Print a line, displaying Ctrl characters
cubic.c Ross Cottrell Solve cubic equations
cursor.c Bill Wilkie Cursor management/manipulation
dbl2long.c Ross Cottrell Rounds doubles to longs
dblround.c Ross Cottrell Rounds a double to nearest whole number
doscopy.c Peter Yard Copy a file
droptime.c Thor Johnson Give up time slices to Win, OS/2, etc.
drvalid.c Bob Stout Benignly validate disk drives
drvs.c David Gersic Checks for valid disk drives, local or remote
dspdtst.c I/O benchmark - MSC/TC/ZTC/Watcom
editgets.c Jon Burchmore
Bob Stout
Get an input string with editing functions
eng.c David Harmon Floating point value -> engineering notation
errfix.c Bob Jarvis Redirect stderr to a file
eval.c Bob Stout Simple arithmetic expression evaluator
factoryl.c Bob Stout Factorial, combinations, permutations
faskbhit.c D. Goodenough Fast kbhit() and kbflush()
favail.c Bob Stout How many more files may be fopen'ed?
fcompare.c Bob Stout Compare 2 files for equality
fcopy.c Bob Jarvis Copy a file
ferrorf.c Mark Devlin Formatted error messages
files.c Matthew Hunt Determine number of FILE set in CONFIG.SYS
fmtmoney.c Bob Stout Format US dollar amounts into text strings
fndislot.c Bob Stout Locate an unused user interrupt vector
format.c Bob Stout Use DOS format to format a diskette
fpswitch.c Demo how to use function pointer arrays
fscanbin.c Ray Gardner Scan binary fields via format string
fsize.c Bob Stout Return true apparent size of buffered file
fsm.c Demonstrates a finite state machine
getdcwd.c Bob Jarvis Get current working directory for given drive
getkey.c Bob Stout Get extended key codes
getseg.c Bob Stout Get segment and offset of any object
getstrng.c Ron Sires Safe gets() for input string of unknown length
glbl_env.c Peter Thomas Update & remove global environment variables
grafline.c David Harmon Demo of PC line drawing characters
hexorint.c Bob Stout Auto-convert hex or decimal strings
howdy.c Obfuscated C code
hstr_i.c Bob Stout Convert hex string to int
hugeread.c Bob Stout Read & write huge data using far pointers
hugesort.c Ray Gardner Quicksort using huge pointers
initvars.c Ray Gardner Read data into variables
iscons.c Bob Stout Does a FILE * refer to the console?
isfopen.c Bob Stout Is a FILE * in use?
isisbn.c Maynard Hogg Validate ISBN (book) numbers
isnetdr.c Bob Dolan Determine is a drive is local or remote
ispow2.c Is a number an integral power of 2?
isqrt.c Integer square root
isramdsk.c Bob Stout Determine if a drive is a RAM disk
isshare.c Mike Ratledge Determine if file sharing is enabled
isshift.c Jeff Dunlop Determine if a shift key is pressed
iswprot.c Bob Stout
Wayne King
Determine is a floppy is write protected
isxkbrd.c Ed Kowalski Detects extended (101+ key) keyboard
jdn.c Paul Schlyter
Ray Gardner
Julian Day Number computation
joystick.c Bob Stout Joystick support functions
kb_data.c Dan Kozak Keyboard status determination
keylocks.c Caps/Num lock set/clear functions
keywatch.c Robert Mashlan Demonstrates capturing keyboard interrupt
lbitops.c Scott Dudley Large bit array macros
ldfloor.c Ray Gardner Long double floor
ll_msort.c Ray Gardner Linked list mergesort
ll_qsort.c Jon Guthrie Linked list quicksort
lsary.c Bob Stout Read a directory into a linked list
ltoa.c Bob Stout Convert long to a string
ltostr.c Thad Smith III Convert long to a string
lv1ws.c Bob Stout Convert whitespace strings to single spaces
mainmain.c Obfuscated C code
mcb_env.c Modify master environment using MCB's
mdalloc.c Blair Haukedal Multi-dimentional array alloction
memavail.c Thor Johnson Report available DOS memory
memrev.c Ray Gardner Assymetrical memory swap
mkdirs.c Bob Stout Build directory tree (deep mkdir())
moon_age.c M. Jones Determine the phase of the moons for any date
msb2ieee.c Jeffrey Foy Convert MSBIN format to/from IEEE float
noctrlc.c Traps Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Break, Ctrl-Alt-Del
noreset.c Traps Ctrl-Alt-Del
ord_text.c Bob Stout Format ordinal numbers in English
os_id.h David Gibbs Header for determining PC OS's
os_id.c David Gibbs Determine PC OS
pcnvrt.c Bob Stout Convert Pascal strings to C
perm_idx.c Thad Smith III Determine permutation index
pfopen.c David Engel Open a file anywhere
pluraltx.c Bob Stout How to print proper plurals
prtoggle.c Bob Stout Tee stdio to stdprn
prtscrn.c Bob Stout Invoke BIOS print screen function
prtstat.c Bob Stout Determine printer status
pushdir.c Bob Stout Stack-oriented CHDIR functions
rand1.c Phil Linttell Random number generator
rand2.c E. Schneider Random number generator
reboot.c Bob Stout Simple PC reboot function in C
redir.c F. Piette Demonstrates output redirection
rg_isort.c Ray Gardner Insertion sort function
rg_qsort.c1 Ray Gardner Non-Recursive ANSI quicksort function
rg_qsort.c2 Ray Gardner Recursive ANSI quicksort function
rg_rand.c Ray Gardner Minimal random number generator
rg_ssort.c Ray Gardner ANSI quicksort-compatible shellsort function
rmallws.c Bob Stout Remove all whitespace from a string
rmlead.c Bob Stout Remove leading whitespace from a string
rmtrail.c Bob Stout Remove trailing whitespace from a string
rndmize.c How to seed ANSI random number generator
scanfrac.c Thad Smith III Scans/converts text fractions
scroll.c Bob Stout Scroll screen function
setenvar.c Bob Stout Set DOS master environment *legally*
shel2dos.c Bob Stout Shell to DOS from a running program
soundex.c Bob Jarvis Standard English soundex
speed.c Benchmark to calculate I/O performance
spin.c Demo of how to make various text "spinners"
srchfile.c Bob Stout Search files for text, forwards & backwards
sstrcpy.c Ray Gardner Overlapping strcpy() & strcat() work-alikes
stats.c Bob Stout Analyze file statistics
stptok.c Ray Gardner Improved tokenizing function
str27seg.c Bob Stout Convert numeric string to 7-segment displays
strftime.c Jim Nutt
Rob Duff
Non-locale version of ANSI strftime()
strrepl.c Gilles Kohl Replace substrings
strrev.c Bob Stout Reverse a string in place using XOR swapping
strsort.c Ray Gardner (Shell) Sort a string array
strucfil.c Lynn Nash Read/write structures to/from a file
style.c Suggested coding style guidelines
tabtrick.c Demo using printf() for columnar formatting
timegetc.c Bob Jarvis Wait specified time for a keypress
toascii.c EBCDIC-ASCII conversion arrays
tp6tod.c Thad Smith III Convert TP 6-byte reals to C doubles
translat.c Jerry Coffin Translate string w/ C-style escape sequences
trim.c Bob Stout Trim leading, trailing, & embedded spaces
truename.c gk Normalize filename using undocumented DOS
unix2dos.c Bob Stout Convert Unix-style pathnames to DOS-style
vfname.c Sid Rogers Validate DOS-legal file names
video.c Jeff Dunlop C video information functions
wb_fcopy.c Walter Bright Fast file copy/append
weird.c Obfuscated C code
whicharc.c Heinz Ozwirk
David Gersic
Determine which archiver used on a packed file
windchil.c Compute wind chill factor
wordwrap.c Robert Morgan Simple CRT word wrap demonstration
xstrcat.c String concatenation funct
xstrcmp.c S. Offermann Compare strings using DOS wildcards
c_prec.txt Operator precedence/associativity in C / C++
storage.typ Jeff Galbraith C storage types crib sheet
rtlftrul.txt Right-left rule for reading C
ptr_help.txt Ted Jensen Helpful hints on pointers
c_port.txt Joseph Carnage How to write portable C code
enums.txt Helpful hints for enums
which_c.txt Bob Stout Guidelines for choosing a PC C compiler
resource.lst J-Mag Guthrie C/C++ resources (books, magazines, vendors)
environ.txt Bob Stout Notes on changing the master environment
sharing.txt Mike Ratledge How to check if file sharing is active
evsavres.txt How to blank/restore EGA/VGA screen
ansisys.txt Chart of ANSI screen control codes
vt100.txt Jon Guthrie Chart of VT-100 escape codes
vio.h Direct screen package
vio.asm " " "
scrnsave.c Bob Stout Save and restore text screens
int2e.asm Access command processor "back door"
ccomcall.c C "glue" to use Int 2Eh
dirent.h POSIX compliant header
rfind1st.c Compiler-independent find first/next functions
posixdir.c opendir(), readdir(), seekdir(), closedir()
posix_ls.c Directory lister demo
match.h Header file
match.c Portable source including optional test code
match.doc Documentation for Match.C
dirmask.c Bob Stout Complex pattern matching (calls patmat())
patmat.c Sreenath Chary String pattern matching
fln_fix.c Bob Stout Crunch dot directories, verify DOS-valid paths
flnorm.c Bob Stout Full file name normalization
uclock.h David L. Fox Microsecond timing function header
uclock.c " " " Microsecond resolution timing functions
sound.h Bob Stout Sound functions header
sound.c " " Speaker control functions
mktone.c " " Tone generation functions
playlib.c Lynn R. Lively Background music package
playdemo.c Bob Stout Demo of backgroud music package
getcmt.c Greg Messer Extract comments from C/C++ source files
testcmt.c " " Test file for above
scaldate.h Ray Gardner Scalar ("Julian") date header
scaldate.c Ray Gardner Scalar ("Julian") date functions
daynum.c Bob Stout Return statistics about a given date
cal.c Bob Stout Calendar using Scaldate.C
x00api.h C header w/ prototype declarations
x00api.c C access functions
prnspool.h C header w/ prototype declarations
prnspool.c PRINT.COM spool queue functions
printq.c Demo program for above
strat.h C header w/ prototypes and enum'ed constants
strat.c C functions
w_wrap.h C header w/ prototypes and enum'ed constants
w_wrap.c C functions
center.c Center a wrapped line
dos5boot.h Header for boot sector access
absdiskc.c C read and write functions
absdisk.asm Low-level code for disk I/O, DOS 2-5
mouse.h Bob Jarvis Header w/ prototypes
mouse.c Bob Jarvis Essential mouse stuff
scrnpick.c Ray McVay Demo, retrieves text from screen using mouse
xfile.h Header w/ prototypes
xfile.c Contains xopen(), xclose(), xgetline()
xtest.c Demo for above
getopt3.c AT&T compatible getopt(3)
getopts.h Bob Stout Header for Getopts.C
getopts.c Bob Stout Scan command line for switches
pbmsrch.c Jerry Coffin Pratt-Boyer-Moore string search
bmhsrch.c Ray Gardner Case-sensitive Boyer-Moore-Horspool search
bmhisrch.c Thad Smith Case-insensitive Boyer-Moore-Horspool search
bmhasrch.c Ray Gardner Case-insensitive BMH search w/ accented chars
ext_keys.h Header to define extended key codes
ext_keys.c A getch() work-alike for extended keyboards
doansi.h Header file
doansi_1.c Portable intepreter
doansi_2.c OS-specific support functions
tasker.txt Description of Tasker functions
tasker.h Header, structs, and prototypes
tasker.c Detect multitasker and give up time slices
biport.h Bob Stout Header to port Borland _geninterrupt()
biport.c Bob Stout Port Borland code using pseudovariables
fmemops.c Bob Stout Emulate MSC's _fmemxxx() in BC++ & ZTC++
ftime.h Jeff Dunlop BC++-style file date/time struct & prototypes
ftime.c Jeff Dunlop BC++-style file date/time functions
msc_peek.c Bob Stout Add peek/poke to MSC
pmerge.c Bob Stout Portable fnmerge(), _makepath() equivalents
psplit.c Bob Stout Portable fnsplit(), _splitpath() equivalents
strdup.c Bob Stout Portable strdup()
strupr.c Bob Stout Portable strupr() strlwr()
vidport.c Bob Stout Portable gotoxy(), clrscr() equivalents, etc.
big_mall.h Bob Stout Portably allocate memory > 64Kb
except.doc Information on programs below
cctrap.asm Int 23h (Ctrl-C) trap
cbtrap.asm Int 1Bh (Ctrl-Break) trap
trapflag.asm Trap & flag Ints 23h & 1Bh
trapdemo.c Demo of TRAPFLAG.ASM
cerrinst.asm Install DOS critical error handler
cerrtrap.asm DOS critical error handler
iostutor.txt Tutorial for following demo code
myio.h Header for Myio.Cpp
myio.cpp Simple I/O class
mystream.h iostream Interface for class Myio
mystream.cpp ios Interface implementation
myline.h Simple line input classes
myline.cpp Implementation of myLine classes
myiodemo.cpp myio Loopback demo
myio.mak Makefile for Iostutor.Txt demo files
str.doc Information on the string class
str.h C++ header
str.cpp Simple, portable C++ string class
mem.txt Information on the Mem package
toolkit.h Compiler-independent portability header
mem.h Mem package header
mem.c Mem package code
2dlife.c Jon Guthrie 2-D Life program
bigfac.c Carl Declerck Do large factorials using ASCII multiply
bincomp.c Ray Gardner Binary file comparison utility
bordcolr.c Bob Jarvis Set border color
c_cmnt.c Thad Smith Extract comments from a C source file
cdir.c Lynn R. Lively Like DOS CHDIR except changes drives as well
chbytes.c Bob Stout Edit binary files in place
chmod.c Bob Stout Change DOS file attributes - wildcards, etc.
cmdline.c Demonstation how to access command line args
commconv.c Jari Laaksonen Convert C++ style comments to C style
cursize.c Bob Jarvis Set the cursor size
do.c Specify multiple command line commands
dossort.c Robert Mashlan DOS SORT work-alike
drivsrch.c Marty Connely Search for physical/logical drives
dspclock.c Mike Jones On-screen TSR clock
factor.c Ray Gardner Print prime factorization of a number (double)
filcount.c Bob Stout Count files/directories
flopcopy.c Bob Stout Copy a floppy to a HD subdirectory
fraction.c Thad Smith Convert a real number to an integer ratio
getvol.c Bob Stout Retrieve a disk volume label
head.c Unix head work-alike
hexdump.c Paul Edwards Hex/ASCII file dump utility
ifactor.c Ray Gardner Print prime factorization of a number (long)
inchcvrt.c Bob Stout Convert inches to feet/inches and fractions
kbflip.c Bob Stout Set/clear Caps/Num/Scroll locks
killff.c Jerry Gore
Erik VanRiper
Strip FF characters from text files
log.c Robert Sprawls Utility to log working time
lsd.c Bob Stout DOS DIR enhanced work-alike
lzhuf.c Yoshi Compression used in LHARC & LHA
maze_1.c Jon Guthrie Maze generator
maze_2.c Obfuscated maze generator
maze_3.c Cute maze generator. Run, then enter size.
morse.c Mike Dodd Convert strings to morse code
mterm.c David Harmon Micro terminal (comm) program - use with X00
mv.c Ray McVay Move files
palndrom.c Dan Hoey Self-replicating palindrome - try it!
permute1.c Dave Chapman Permute strings
permute2.c Jon Guthrie Permute strings
pi.c Calculate PI to 60,000 digits or more
pr.c Print a file with headers & breaks
query.c Bob Stout Timed query w/default for batch files
rdxcnvrt.c Bob Stout Convert between number bases
remtab.c Robert Mashlan Convert tabs to spaces
rm_all.c Bob Stout Remove all files - now supports recursion
roman.c Jim Walsh Convert Arabic number to Roman numeral
setimeto.c Bob Stout Set a file's time/datestamp to match another's
setvol.c Bob Stout Set, change, or kill a disk volume label
split.c Bob Stout Split large text files into smaller ones
stripeof.c Bob Stout Strip ^Z characters from DOS text files
stub.c Bob Stout Truncate .OBJ (and other) files
sunriset.c Paul Schlyter Computes length of day at any place on Earth
tail.c Joe Huffman
Ruurd Pels
Print last n (default = 5) lines of a file
todaybak.c Bob Stout Back up today's files to a floppy
touch.c Ray L. McVay TC/TC++/BC++ set file time/date stamp
treedir.c Bob Stout Recursive directory lister
uuencode.c Don Kneller Unix uuencode
uudecode.c John Lots Unix uudecode
wc.c Jay Elkes Like Unix wc, counts lines, words, chars
where.c Search for a file
jgrep.c Jerry Coffin Simple and portable
grep.c DECUS
"Real" grep - free with some strings

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