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S-C assemblers

S-C Assembler Disk images:
Manuals in Unix format (end-of-line = LF)
Manuals in PC format (end-of-line = CR+LF)
Manuals in Apple format (end-of-line = CR)
S-C Assembler Source for Applesoft

S-C Software for the Apple II

Authored by Bob Sander-Cederlof  WWW:
(c) Bob Sander-Cederlof
Released as Copyrighted Freeware by Bob Sander-Cederlof, April 2000
Can be used freely for non-commercial purposes

S-C Assembler Disk images:
SCASM2_4.DSK S-C Assembler II ver 4.0 (1980) #4-2181 SCA_6809.DSK S-C Assembler II ver 4 (1980) - 6809 ver #6809-04 SCMASM10.DSK S-C Macro Assembler 1.0 (1982) #M-5002 SCM_6809.DSK S-C Macro Assembler 6809 (1982) #6809-10 SCM_Z80.DSK S-C Macro Assembler Z-80 (1982) #Z-80-5 SCM_Z80B.DSK S-C Macro Assembler Z-80 (1982) #Z-80-17 SCM_68K.DSK S-C Macro Assembler 68000 (1982) #68000-13 SC_XREF.DSK S-C Cross Reference Utility with source (1983) #CRS-12 SCMASM11.DSK S-C Macro Assembler 1.1 (1983) #U-168 SCMASM20.DSK S-C Macro Assembler 2.0 (1984) #T-1047 SCSRC20.DSK S-C Macro Assembler Source Code 2.0 (1985) #SCD-1006 SCPRO20.DSK S-C Macro Assembler 2.0 for ProDOS 1.1.1 (1985) #P-1098 SCREENED.DSK Screen Editor for S-C Macro Asm (Mike Laumer 1983) #SE-1027 ES-CAPE.DSK Extended S-C Applesoft Editor (1982) #E-1298 ES-CAPE2.DSK Es-Cape 2.0 pre-release copy #7 AAL-8602.DSK Apple Assembly Line Source Disk, 1986-02 #18 AAL-8603.DSK Apple Assembly Line Source Disk, 1986-03 #20 AAL-8604.DSK Apple Assembly Line Source Disk, 1986-04 #18 AAL-8605.DSK Apple Assembly Line Source Disk, 1986-05 #2 AAL-8606.DSK Apple Assembly Line Source Disk, 1986-06 #25 AAL-8607.DSK Apple Assembly Line Source Disk, 1986-07 #6 AAL-8608.DSK Apple Assembly Line Source Disk, 1986-08 #29 AAL-8609.DSK Apple Assembly Line Source Disk, 1986-09 #26 Manuals in Unix format (end-of-line = LF) Manuals in PC format (end-of-line = CR+LF) Manuals in Apple format (end-of-line = CR) FSE.UNX FSE.A2 FSE.A2 Full Screen Editor docs SCMASM2.UNX SCMASM2.A2 SCMASM2.A2 S-C Macro Asm 2 docs SCMASM2P.UNX SCMASM2P.A2 SCMASM2P.A2 S-C Macro Asm 2 ProDos docs SCMASM10.UNX SCMASM10.A2 SCMASM10.A2 S-C Macro Asm 1.0 docs SCMASM11.UNX SCMASM11.A2 SCMASM11.A2 S-C Macro Asm 1.1 docs SCASM32.UNX SCASM32.A2 SCASM32.A2 S-C Assembler 3.2 docs SCASM40.UNX SCASM40.A2 SCASM40.A2 S-C Assembler 4.0 docs SCXASM.UNX SCXASM.A2 SCXASM.A2 S-C Cross Asm docs SCXREF.UNX SCXREF.A2 SCXREF.A2 S-C Cross Ref Utility docs SCDOC.UNX SCDOC.A2 SCDOC.A2 S-C Documentor (Applesoft) docs S-C Assembler Source for Applesoft
SCDOC-1.DSK S-C Documentor - Applesoft #AS-42 Drive 1 SCDOC-2.DSK S-C Documentor - Applesoft #AS-42 Drive 2

Apple Assembly Line Code Disks

Disk images 1980-1986
AAL_1.DSK     AAL_2.DSK     AAL_3.DSK     AAL_4.DSK
AAL_5.DSK     AAL_6.DSK     AAL_7.DSK     AAL_8.DSK
AAL-8602.DSK  AAL-8603.DSK  AAL-8604.DSK  AAL-8605.DSK
AAL-8606.DSK  AAL-8607.DSK  AAL-8608.DSK  AAL-8609.DSK
Apple Assembly Line was a 6502 assembly language newsletter, published
by Bob Sander-Cederlof 1980 to 1988.

These disks also contains the source code (resourced by me, not the
original source by Bob S-C; the latter appears to be lost) of DP18,
Bob S-C's 18-digit precision floating-point package for Applesoft.

Can be used freely for non-commercial purposes

In January 2005 Bob S-C published all issues of Apple Assembly Line
on his own website, which now reisdes at:

Some more stuff from Bob S-C

as Stuffit (.sit) archives

Bob S-C's source code of Applesoft
S-C disassembler, source code
S-C Macro Assembler: text for the manuals, reference card & other things
S-C Macro Assembler 3.0 source code - a version never finished or released
S-C Word Processor source code

Not using a Mac? The freeware program Aladdin Expander will unpack Stuffit archives on MS-DOS, MS-Windows and Linux systems
Some other Apple II related sources by Bob S-C can be found here:

Flash! Integer Basic Compiler

Disk images
Manual in Unix format (end-of-line = LF)
Manual in PC format (end-of-line = CR+LF)
Manual in Apple format (end-of-line = CR)
Authored by Michael Laumer  email:
(c) Michael Laumer
Released as Copyrighted Freeware by Michael Laumer, April 2000
Can be used freely for non-commercial purposes

FLASH.DSK      Flash!  Integer Basic Compiler 1.0 (Mike Laumer 1982) #C-1022
FLASHRTS.DSK   Flash!  Runtime Source Code  (Mike Laumer 1982)  #R-1019

Apple 2 disk images utilities

ADT (Apple Disk Transfer) for Apple Comm Card

ADT for Apple Communications Card

This is an adaptation of Paul Guertin's ADT (Apple Disk Transfer) utility so it runs on the older Apple Communications Card. That old serial card supports only two bit rates. By default these bit rates are 110 and 300 bps, but the Comm Card can be strapped for 300/1200 bps or 1200/4800 bps. This strapping is higly recommended, unless you're VERY patient in your downloads (downloading one 140K disk takes almost 1.5 hours in 300 bps but only 5 minutes in 4800 bps). The Apple Comm Card manual describes how to do this strapping. ADT for the Comm Card always uses the higher bit rate and offers no option to select the lower bit rate. ADT_SC.ZIP contains the files below: ADT_SC.DSK .DSK image of S-C Asm source for ADT: Super Serial & Comm Card versions Text files: ADT_SS.ASM ADT for Super Serial Card: S-C Assembler source ADT_CC.ASM ADT for Comm Card (hi speed only): S-C Assembler source ADT.DIF Differences between ADT_SS.ASM and ADT_CC.ASM ADT_SS.BIN ADT for Super Serial Card: hex dump of executable ADT_CC.BIN ADT Comm Card (hi speed only): hex dump of executable

FID - "File Developer" for .DSK images of DOS 3.3 disks

Download FID
FID is a file manipulation utility for DOS 3.3 disk images in .DSK format.
FID is somewhat inspired by the old Apple II utility FID, and it may in
the future be expanded to move files/etc too.

Currently, FID does two things:

1. List the directory of an Apple DOS 3.3 disk image in .DSK format

2. List the files on the disk in ASCII format, sending the output to
   either the screen or a disk file.  Four file types are handled:

   a)  T: Text files -- converts char codes to normal ASCII

   b)  B: Binary files -- produces a hex dump in Apple II Monitor format

   c)  A: Applesoft files -- de-tokenizes the file and lists it in ASCII

   d)  I: Integer Basic files or S-C Assembler source files.  Attempts
          to autodetect this, and lists the file in ASCII, de-tokenizing
          and uncompressing the file as needed.  If the file is corrupt,
          or if it's an Integer Basic file with embedded machine code,
          the autodetect may fail -- if so, the user is asked how he
          wishes to list this file.

FID is written in portable Standard C as much as possible.  It's been
tested and run under good ol' MS-DOS, Win32, Free-BSD, HP-UX and AIX
and works well under all these environments.  There's even a
"fallback" alternative to Generic Standard C if nothing else should
work on your system.

Currently FID works only on .DSK images of DOS 3.3, however it can
also handle .DSK images of different sizes than 140K if you would have
one available.

Planned future enhancements (when I have the time.. :-):

- other disk image formats: NIB is an obvious candidate.  Perhaps even SHK?
- other Apple II disk formats:  ProDOS, Apple Pascal, Apple CP/M
- ability to also create and write to new files within these disk images contains the files below:

FID.C          C source for Win32
FIDUNIX.C      C source for UNIX
FID.EXE        EXE file for 16-bit DOS -- executes in Win32 too

Using FID:

FID can be invoked in one of three ways:


prints out a short help screen

    FID   diskimagefilename

where diskimagefilename can contain wildcard characters: FID produces
a directory listing of all disk image files matching diskimagefilename

    FID   -d  diskimagefilename

As above, but also enters a user dialog, offering the user to list any
Apple II files within each disk image, and sends the list of the file to
either a separate disk file or to the screen.

a2tools by Terry K. -- for Linux and for ANSI-C, executables for DOS-16 and Win-32

a2tools is a utility similar to FID: it can do a "CATALOG", "DELETE", "SAVE" and "LOAD" on Apple II .DSK images. Written originally for Linux by Terry Kyriacopoulos (>, this version is rewritten in ANSI C and contains an executable for 16-bit MS-DOS. A few bugs was fixed as well, e.g. an Integer Basic detokenisation bug

Download Terry's new a2tools: (Terry's own site at is gone)
UNIX version (gzipped tar file) DOS/Win version (zip file) Info (text file) All in a .zip file from here

Apple and General CP/M references

Apple CP/M reference
General CP/M reference

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